Walter Fitch Award; closed

Eight awardees were selected ==> Please visit July 29 part of Program overview
This award was initiated by Dr. Walter M. Fitch, who passed away on March 10, this year. For details, please see SMBE Walter Fitch Award page.

Awardees are given travel support to attend SMBE2011 Kyoto Conference (Award recipients residing outside of Japan will receive US $2,500 to be used to help cover meeting registration, airfare, and room-and-board expenses. Students residing in Japan will receive US $1,500.), and will be asked to give 15-minute oral presentation on July 29th at Miyako Messe, Kyoto.

Members of the SMBE, who are either current graduate students or postdoctoral researchers, who received their primary doctoral-level degree not earlier than a year prior to the convention of the annual meeting of the society, are eligible to apply. A candidate for the award must become member of the Society at least a month before the first day of the annual meeting.

Deadline of application: Friday, April 15, 2011
Submit to:
In your email, please indicate that you are applying for "Walter Fitch Award".

Example submission file

Undergraduate Travel Awards; closed

The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) is pleased to make available 10 awards for undergraduate students to participate in a Mentoring and Diversity Program at its annual meeting.

The goals of this program are: (1) to provide students with the opportunity to experience the excitement of attending and presenting at an international scientific conference, (2) to foster enthusiasm for molecular biology and evolution as well as a possible career in this field, and (3) to promote diversity at the SMBE annual meeting.

To achieve these goals, each recipient of an SMBE Undergraduate Mentoring and Diversity Program Award will be paired with one or two mentors. Mentors will serve as contact points for the students, attend some sessions with the students, and, more generally, explain the “goings-on” at a multi-day scientific conference in order to minimize the anxiety often felt by first-time conference attendees. The mentors will also facilitate connections to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members.


Candidates must currently be enrolled as undergraduate students (or a bachelor's level degree equivalent) or have graduated within the last 6 months at the time of application. Some awards will be reserved for undergraduates from traditionally underrepresented groups in our scientific discipline.


Recipients of the SMBE Undergraduate Mentoring and Diversity Award will be invited to present their research at a special reception/poster session attended by their mentors, academic supervisors and other interested conference participants.


Ten awards will be given. Award recipients residing outside of Japan will receive US $2,500 to be used to help cover meeting registration, airfare, and room-and-board expenses. Students residing in Japan will receive US $1,500. Each participant will also receive an online student subscription to the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution for the year of 2012.


Please submit a single PDF file containing the following:
- Full Name
- Institutional Affiliation
- Major and Year in School (or Major and Graduation Date)
- Gender (optional)
- Race/Ethnicity(optional)
- Postal Address
- Country
- E-mail Address
- Telephone Number (including country code)
- Academic Supervisor’s Name
- Institutional Affiliation of Academic Supervisor
- Postal Address of Academic Supervisor
- E-mail Address of Academic Supervisor
- CV (limited to one page)
- Plans for the Future (limited to 25 words)
- Poster Title
- Poster Authors
- Poster Abstract (no longer than 250 words)

Please name your PDF file as follows: SMBE11_yourfamilyname.pdf

The single PDF file should be e-mailed to Dr. Dan Graur


The deadline for receipt of nominations/applications is April 25, 2011.

Postdoc./Grad. Student Travel Award; closed

Procedure is same as "Walter Fitch Award".
However, deadline is April 25th, 2011 (closed).

Best Postdoc./Grad. & Undergrad. Student Poster Awards

- to be selected during SMBE2011 Kyoto Conference